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History of Flawlezz


We are a car club that was established in May 2010. The President and co-founder is Terry Chavis "Stunna" and the Vice President is Leroy Holmes "Masked Up Shawty" better known as Yoshi aka Yoshiggedy or Trap Drumma Yoshi. We have chapters setup in GA, SC, TX, CO,and VA. We are car enthuiast and people with positive goals in life. We are into serving our community and giving back to the youth. If we can ride on these big rims and nice paint, we can give to the less fortunate. God has blessed us now let's use what god has given us and bless someone else.


"I remember being just a very very young jitterbug in the game at the age of 5. My pops would take me on his side jobs no matter what it was from wiring up a new audio system to transmission jobs I was always right there by his side. My Uncle is a master mechanic and when I hit my teenage years I had no issue going over to his house with my pops and just starting from the bottom as the tool boy working my way up to swapping engines and doing routine maintenance jobs on my own. I grew up in this lifestyle. My Uncle had the only widebody lowered Mercury Cougar back in the early 90s and one of the first sets of 18 inch subwoofers that came out my Uncle was able to put them in his Blazer. This wasn't accidental I was destined to be in the lifestyle and I love everything about it. doesn't matter the route of customization. From baggers to hotrods, gassers to ratrods, big wheels to lowriders, stance nation to antiques, slammed minins to lifted 4x4s. if you like it then I will love it. All I ask is that your passion is true to it. Some do this because they feel like they have to fit in or follow a trend and thats not the case. Car customization has been around for decades its just different ways of doing it now. Just like any culture you will respect it or it will not give you the rewards and spoils that you so long to get in this game. So pull up right or have the flatbad haul you, you ride, and your pride off."

-National Vice President Yoshi







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